Vince Furfaro Community Playback Theatre
VINCENT FURFARO was a founding member of the original Playback Theatre as well as Community Playback. He greatly enjoyed acting out roles as an actor until his hearing dimmed in 2001. Since then, he has continued being creative by painting Playback scenes with beautiful colored lights. He finds each show, with its stories of life, an exhilarating and educational experience in the development of the human spirit, both for himself and the audience.
Fred Harris Community Playback Theatre
FRED HARRIS is a mask maker and collects plays. He sees theatre as a universal language. As a child he took make-believe seriously, and has retained a sense of fantasy. By the early 70’s he was an improv facilitator and video verite' pioneer. A founding member of Community Playback Theatre, Fred celebrates the individuality of its members. Fred has trained in psychodrama and works as a hospital therapist, using cartoons to illustrate feelings.
TONI HORVATIN began her theater career directing and performing with her cousins in lively song and dance extravaganzas for the family. She discovered Playback Theatre in answer to a spiritual quest, and feels that each gathering is a mysterious and exciting event of co-creativity -- audience, actors, and universe. An LMSW in human services, she has also studied psychodrama and is co-editor of The Quintessential Zerka, a collection of the writings of eminent psychodramatist Zerka Moreno.
BETTY MACDONALD fell in love with the theatre when she first appeared before an audience as a tap dancing butterfly at the age of three. Subsequently she studied many aspects of performance including Tuvan throat singing. A sculptor, she delights in creating portraits, whimsical figures, fierce monsters and celestial bodies. For over 25 years she has brought whimsy, fierceness, dance and music to Community Playback Theatre. Currently she writes memoir and performs monologues.
LEE MYER played the role of the Dog in his seventh grade original production of “The Trial of Rip Van Winkle.” After graduation from Oberlin College, Lee pursued professional theater regionally and in NYC. Lee became a member of Community Playback Theatre in 1993. For the past 17 years he has worked as a clinical therapist and supervisor privately and for Ulster County. Lee is especially excited by creativity and connection in all its wonderful array.
Judy Swallow Community Playback Theatre
JUDY SWALLOW was a founding member of the original Playback Theatre company in 1975. She has taught Playback Theatre both locally and internationally, and is pleased that Playback Theatre is now practiced and performed in over 50 countries worldwide. Judy is also co-director of the Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute, in New Paltz, NY. She is a certified Rubenfeld Synergy® practitioner and teacher, and has a private practice in New Paltz.
Val Wells Community Playback Theatre
VAL WELLS has been a member of the ensemble since its inception. She feels Playback brings a healing experience to the storytelling audience as the actors empathically reflect their challenges and celebrations. Val also engages her creativity in the handcrafts of paper marbling and bookbinding, and enjoys open water swimming, hiking, and gardening as ways to interact with Hudson Valley nature. She works as an occupational therapist in a skilled nursing facility.